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Considerations for Sockets

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2016

If you are using CSocket class, you must use a stream. If you specify the socket type as SOCK_DGRAM, MFC assertion fails

Sockets sample list

The following MFC sample programs illustrate Sockets functionality:


CHATTER is a sockets client sample application. It is a split window single document interface (SDI) application that allows users to send messages to a discussion server (CHATSRVR), server and then send messages to the other CHATTER users simultaneously.

Through the CHATTER applications send broadcast datagram packets instead of to the server message flow, in preparing, without using a client/server model for CHATTER and CHATSRVR. However, differs from the stream sockets, datagram socket not bound to be transmitted, so that some messages may not reach all other users in the discussion.