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Socket category

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2016

Stream sockets (SOCK_STREAM):

Stream sockets are used to provide connection-oriented, reliable communication services. The service will ensure that data to achieve error-free, no duplicates sent and received in sequence. Stream sockets are able to achieve reliable data service because it uses the transmission control protocol, or TCP (The Transmission Control Protocol) Protocol.

Packet socket (SOCK_DGRAM):

Packet socket provides a connectionless service. This service does not guarantee the reliability of data transfer, data may be lost during transmission or duplication occurs, and the order cannot be guaranteed to receive the data. Packet socket uses UDP (User Datagram Protocol) protocol for data transfer. Because the packet socket does not guarantee the reliability of data transmission, there may be data loss, you need to make appropriate treatment programs.

Raw sockets (SOCK_RAW):

Original sets received word (SOCKET_RAW) allows on lower level of agreement directly access, like IP, and ICMP agreement, it often for test new of agreement achieved, or access existing service in the configuration of new equipment, because RAW SOCKET can freely to control Windows Xia of variety agreement, can on network bottom of transmission mechanism for control, so can application original sets received word to manipulation network layer and transmission layer application. For example, we can send this through the RAW SOCKET to receive ICMP, IGMP protocol packets, or receiving TCP/IP stack is not able to handle IP package, can also be used to send a custom header or custom protocol IP packets. Network monitoring depends to a large extent SOCKET_RAW