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Socket operation example

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2016

To build and run the CHATTER sample

Open the solution chatter.sln.

In the "build" menu, click "generate".

In the "debug" menu, click "start (without debugging)".

When you run CHATTER, there was a "Setup" dialog box, enter the following:


Name used to addressing all messages. For example, you can select "". All messages you send are automatically added in front of the name "".


IP address of the computer running the CHATSVR example.


Number that identifies the discussion you want to join (a single computer can run multiple discussion servers).

Provides all the information and click "OK", the main application window appears. To send a message, please type your message in the lower pane. Press the ENTER key to send a message. To send multiple messages, press the CTRL + ENTER keys. Keyword