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Socket parameters

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2016

Distinguish between the different network communication and connectivity between the application process, there are 3 main parameters: destination IP address for communication, the use of the transport layer protocols (TCP or UDP) and the use of the port. Socket means "socket". By combining these 3 parameters, and a "socket" Socket binding transport layer and application layer can be via a socket interface, the distinction between communications from different application process or network connection, data transmission services.

Socket can be seen as one of two programs communicate connection endpoint is a bridge connecting applications and network drivers, Socket created in your application, build relationships by binding with network drives. Since then, the application data to Socket, Socket to the network driver on the network to send out. Get on the computer from the network and the Socket is bound IP address and port-related data from the network drivers to the Socket, the application can extract data received from the Socket, network applications, this is the sending and receiving of data through a Socket.