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Sockets are introduced

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2016

Host a, Shang of program a, will a information writes Socket in the, Socket of content was Host a, of network management software access, and will this paragraph information through Host a, of network interface card sent to Host B,Host b of network interface card received to this paragraph information Hou, transfer to Host b of network management software, network management software will this paragraph information save in Host b of Socket in the, then program b to in Socket in the reading this paragraph information.

Assuming added a third host c, Host on the network, how information is delivered correctly to Host a, Host b, instead of being sent to the Host in c? Based on TCP/IP every host on the network is assigned a unique IP address, IP address is a 32-bit unsigned integer, since there is no translated into binary, so it is often separated by a decimal point, such as, as you can see IP address consists of four parts, each part of the range is 0-255 to represent 8-bit address.

It is worth noting that the IP address is a 32-bit address, which is the IP Protocol version 4 (Ipv4) provisions, because IPv4 addresses are running out now, IPv6 addresses are gradually replace Ipv4 addresses, Ipv6 addresses are 128-bit unsigned integer.