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Stream sockets

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2016

Stream sockets provide data flow without record boundaries: can be bidirectional byte streams (the application is full duplex: you can transmit and receive simultaneously through the socket). Reliable stream delivery order, do not duplicate data. ("ORDERED" the data packets are sent order. "No repeat" refers to a specific packet gets only once. ) That can ensure that you receive streaming news, and very suitable for processing large amounts of data.

The network transport layer data can be split into groups or several suitably sized packets. CSocket class will handle that for you and unpackaging.

Flow based on explicit connections: Socket a requests a connection to the socket b; socket b accepts or rejects the connection request.

Call situations very similar to flow: normally, then hear you and hear what you say in the order, no duplication and omission. Stream sockets for file transfer protocol (FTP) this class implementation, this agreement facilitates transferring ASCII or binary files of any size.