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Power Adapter Is A Commonly Used Power Conversion Equipment

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

  Power adapter is a commonly used power conversion equipment, a wide range of electronic communications equipment, notebook computers, game consoles and other electronic products and information equipment, power adapter is a wide range of AC and AC/DC power converters, chargers and other products.

  China's line stage power adapter production enterprises are still dominated by small enterprises, there are even some manual workshop-type underground processing plants, the production of these enterprises are worrying about the quality of products in recent years, the State administration of inspection and Quarantine and the Ministry of Information Industry to organize the supervision of spot checks, the enterprise pass rate is less than 80%, the main existence of the following quality problems.

  1. Product marking is not complete or nonstandard

  The marking should contain important information that guides the user to correctly install and use, correctly labeling the product's mark to ensure the user's personal property safety.

  2. Power plug is not standard

  China's domestic single-phase power supply plugs have two-level without polar and two-stage grounding two forms, power plugs in use should be able to prevent single stage insertion.

  3. Fever in normal working condition is not meet the requirements

  The temperature rise of the power adapter under normal operating conditions is a common problem, because the temperature is too high to cause fire. Power adapter shell temperature and ambient temperature difference can not exceed 60 Shan, even in the hot summer environment temperature reached 35 Shan, the shell temperature can not exceed 95 Shan, if found that the product temperature rise too high we should promptly stop using.

  4. Short-circuit and overload product safety can be hidden

  In the output short-circuit, capacitor or diode and other parts of the fault condition, the internal loss of the power adapter increases sharply, resulting in the temperature rise of each part.

  The power adapter is the national stipulation carries on the 3C attestation product, the existence quality appeal quality question, mainly is some enterprise to the safety standard lacks comprehensively, the accurate understanding and the understanding, moreover the product structure design unreasonable, in order to reduce the finished product, this is causes some products unqualified the important reason.