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Charger Has A Wide Range Of Application Prospects

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Charger is the use of high-frequency power technology, the use of advanced intelligent dynamic adjustment charging technology. Chargers are widely used in various fields, especially in the field of life is widely used in mobile phones, cameras and other common appliances. Charger is the use of power electronic semiconductor devices, the voltage and frequency of fixed alternating current into a DC current converter device. In the battery for the work of power or standby power supply occasions, the charger has a wide range of applications.

Charger has many, such as lead-acid battery charger, VRLA battery test and monitoring, nickel-cadmium battery charger, nickel-metal hydride battery charger, lithium-ion battery charger, portable electronic equipment lithium-ion battery charger, Lithium-ion battery protection circuit multi-function charger, electric car battery charger, car charger and so on.

All mobile phone chargers are actually composed of a stable power supply (mainly regulated power supply, to provide a stable operating voltage and enough current) plus the necessary constant current, limiting voltage, time limit and other control circuits.

Original charger (finger charge) marked on the output parameters: such as output 4.4V / 1A, output 5.9V / 400mA ... ... refers to the internal power supply parameters related to the regulator. Understand the truth, you will know a (good quality) mobile phone charger is easy to change into a good quality power supply! Such as the output of 4.4V 4.5V can be used with the equipment, 5.9V can be used to 6V equipment.

Charger according to the design circuit operating frequency to points, can be divided into frequency machine and high frequency machine. Frequency machine is based on the traditional principle of analog circuit design, the machine internal power devices (such as transformers, inductors, capacitors, etc.) are larger, generally in the larger load with a small noise, but the model in the harsh Power system environmental conditions in the resistance to strong resistance, reliability and stability than the high frequency machine strong.

The high-frequency machine is a microprocessor (CPU chip) as a processing control center, is the complex hardware analog circuit burned in the microprocessor, the software program to control the way the UPS operation.Therefore, the volume greatly reduced , Greatly reduce the weight, low manufacturing costs, the price is relatively low. High frequency machine inverter frequency is generally above 20KHZ. But the high frequency machine in the harsh power grid and environmental conditions, poor tolerance, more suitable for the grid is relatively stable and less dust, temperature / humidity suitable environment.

High frequency machine and frequency machine in terms of comparison: small size, light weight, high operating efficiency (low operating costs), low noise, suitable for office space, cost-effective (under the same power, low price), space, environmental impact Small, relatively speaking, high-frequency charger on the copier, laser printer and motor-induced shock (SPIKE) and transient response (TRANSIENT) vulnerable, due to the frequency of the transformer to the mains and load isolation, In the harsh environment, the frequency machine provides more safe and reliable protection than the high frequency function. In some occasions, such as medical treatment, the charger is required to have the isolation device. Therefore, for industrial, medical and transportation applications, The choice of the two options according to the customer's different installation environment, load conditions and other conditions to consider.