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Charger Introduction Of Purchasing Method

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Buy compatible mobile phone charger also pay attention to the brand, should be the normal manufacturer of goods. Because although the above introduces some of the principle of the charger, but the actual identification is very difficult. Even professionals, in the case of not opening the charger, not using test equipment, it is difficult to accurately judge the Charger's performance and quality from the appearance of the charger. Some famous brands of products although the price will be slightly higher, but from the circuit design to the selection of components are more formal science, so the charging effect is also more ideal for non original seat charge also depends on the precision of the mold, mobile phone plug can be in place, and the resistance is even, elastic moderate. For a portion of the charger directly charged to the battery, the same as the previous brigade charged, to see how reasonable the circuit design.

Generally speaking, affixed with the "CQC" certification mark of the Charger has security assurances. Therefore, should be as far as possible to choose the "CQC" or other certification mark products. Second, purchase and their own mobile phone adapter charger. Mobile phone chargers generally have two kinds of charging function: One is the belt machine charge (charger through the electrical connector and mobile phone to recharge the battery), the other is through the charger seat to charge the battery. Before you buy, you should know the type, capacity and nominal voltage of the battery you are using, so that you can choose the charger that is suitable for you.

Standard charger products are marked with the use of the range, output voltage and output current and other technical parameters. If you have conditions, you can use a multimeter to test the output no-load voltage value and output short-circuit current value of the charger to determine if the actual data is consistent with the technical parameters. Different brand chargers can be mixed, as long as the interface, the output voltage and current consistent can be universal. The country in 2010 has issued a unified mobile phone charger standard documents. Theoretically mixed with no effect, but the average person for the output current is not as much concept, easy to mistake. Recommended use of the original charger, but to resolutely avoid the use of cottage, quality charger.