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Charger Works

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2016

Lithium ion battery of charging process is divided into two a steps: first constant flow charging, its current constant, voltage constantly increased, dang voltage filling to 4.2V of when automatically conversion for constant pressure charging, in constant pressure charging Shi voltage constant, current is increasingly small of until charging current is less than advance set value weizhi, so was with straight filling on phone battery for charging of when clearly power displayed has full grid has, but also is displayed is charging, actually this when of voltage has reached has 4.2V so power displayed for Man Ge, Then is in for constant pressure charging process, so was may will asked, why to for constant pressure charging does, directly with constant flow filling to 4.2V not on line has did, actually is easy explained, because each a a battery are has must of resistance, dang with constant flow for charging to 4.2V of when, this 4.2V actually is not battery actual of voltage, but battery of voltage plus battery resistance Shang consumption of voltage of and, if current is big so in resistance Shang consumption of voltage also on is big, So that is the actual battery voltage may be much smaller than the 4.2V, so a constant-voltage charging process, bring down the charge current slowly, so that the actual voltage of the battery is close to 4.2V.