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Chargers Selection Method

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2016

Buy compatible mobile phone charger should also pay attention to brand, should be a regular factory-produced goods. Because it introduces the principle of some Chargers, but the identification is very difficult. Even professionals, in the charger, do not use the instrument without having to open the case, it is difficult to accurately judge the quality of performance of chargers and charger looks. Some famous brand product price will be slightly higher, but from circuit design to component selection are more formal science, so charging effect is also ideal for non-original charger depends on mould fine, mobile phones can plug in place, and even resistance, elastic moderate. Some directly on the battery charger, travel charger as mentioned earlier, it design a reasonable level.

In General, with the "CQC" Chargers safety guarantee of certification marks. Therefore, you should try to buy "CQC" or other product certification mark. Then buy with your phone adapter charger. There are two mobile phone charger charging function: one is with charger (charger through electrical connectors and mobile phone to charge the battery), the other is through the charger to charge the battery. Before purchase, should know what battery type, capacity, nominal voltage in order to buy adapter to the charger.