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Insert Rows Name Of The Wiring Board

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2017

Insert is the row of plug, the name of the wiring board. The plug is a kind of socket, just put a plurality of sockets together, thus forming a porous socket. This combination has many advantages, can be a multi-purpose, not only saves space and save the line, is a very simple and practical invention. Often the plug is a porous receptacle with a power cord and plug and can be moved, and the socket usually refers to a fixed and mostly five-hole receptacle. Plug row, also known as row of plug, commonly known as drag line board, is the necessities of life. There are a lot of businesses now producing rows, such as TOWE, Siemens and so on.

Insert rows In the choice of row of plug, the most important thing is the safety performance is better, eight aspects.

1. Insert rows Material: high-quality row of the panel used by the material, in the flame retardant, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance and other aspects are very good, material stability, easy to change color. High-quality row of plug sets of selected materials is phosphor bronze, conductive good, good elasticity, long life.

2. Insert rows Appearance: smooth surface smooth, uniform color, texture, is generally a good product. In addition, the panel logo on the panel should be clear, full, the surface can not have any burrs.

3, Insert rows the internal structure: the general row of the structure for the welding, more advanced for the one core structure.

4, Insert rows feel: try the switch, a good switch spring soft and hard moderate, excellent flexibility, open and off the turn more intensity. Does not occur in the middle of a row of buttons in the middle of the situation and become a serious fire hazard. But also Dian Dian Dian row, high-quality products because of the large number of copper and silver metal, there will be no light feeling.

5, Insert rows the production process: row switch is often touched, especially the color switch panel, if the selection is unqualified inferior products, a long time, will be aging fade. If you choose those with the use of anti-ultraviolet properties of the material, and the border of the spray film processing process switch, even if used for a long time, the color will not happen the slightest change.

6, user-friendly design of the switch panel has a night light, even the most traditional fluorescent paint night instructions, but also from a single green fluorescence development to a variety of colors. Power light is another night instruction, more is to use LED lights instead of neon light, to ensure longer life, lower heat rate, more gentle light.

7, Insert rows packaging and brochures: brand products are very focused on consumer satisfaction, so the product packaging and instructions on the Kung Fu is unqualified brand-name products can not match, the import brand must be equipped with Chinese instructions. For the product name, brand, technical indicators marked with very clear, from the installation to the safety precautions are readily available. These are the need to pay attention when selecting the row.

8, Insert rows on the ground: the best to buy three plugs, two plugs of the regular manufacturers are not produced. Some plug in the ground jack, and some do not, so insecure.