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Is Your Power Adapter Normal?

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2017

  Is your power adapter normal?

  What is the most worrying thing when we use a power adapter? Yes, it is the temperature, when we touch the hand to feel hot, then we would like the temperature will not be too high, there will be no danger, today's professional power adapter manufacturers and we talk to this topic.

  The reason why the power adapter heats up is that when a voltage is switched, a portion of the energy is lost, except that a small portion of the wave is dissipated in the form of waves. Power adapter power, the greater the loss of energy, the greater the power of the heat, so we will feel more and more hot. Thus, the power adapter heat is inevitable, but we can help it heat, to prevent the temperature continues to rise.

  Create a good heat environment, place it in a place that is not exposed to sunlight and ventilated.

  In the high temperature of the summer environment, the use of fans can be cooled, as far as possible to help its heat.

  Do not place it on the bed, so as not to temperature too high, the best on the temperature of the desktop.

  Finally remember not to use too much, remember to pull out the plug after use.

  Then we in the normal use of power adapter, the surface temperature is how much is normal? The power adapter in the development phase, there will be a variety of parameter performance test evaluation. Where temperature is one of them. Under normal circumstances, the power adapter surface temperature rise will be controlled within 30-35 ℃. As we all know, the power adapter is used indoors, then the indoor temperature under normal circumstances will not exceed the maximum 40 ℃, the normal is about 25 ℃. Then even when the maximum 40 ℃, the power adapter housing temperature is also within 75 ℃. The temperature of the shell is about 100 ℃, and the temperature of the sticker is about 80 ℃. So 75 ° C is almost the limit. In fact, as long as the temperature of the power adapter is within the design range, that is, the temperature in the normal range, the general will not be dangerous, so we do not have too nervous.

  Above is the full content of today, after reading that we should be able to more rational treatment of the power adapter of this imagination.