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Mobile Phone Power Adapter Referred To As Power Supply

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2017

Mobile phone power adapter use precautions

First, the mobile phone power adapter (hereinafter referred to as the power) of the nominal voltage and current What does this mean? First of all, the general power of the nominal voltage, refers to the open circuit output voltage, that is, do not take any load outside, there is no current output voltage, it can be understood that this voltage is the upper limit of the power output voltage.

Mobile phone power adapter For the use of active power regulator within the case of active components, even if the mains voltage fluctuations, the output is also a constant value, like the market generally small transformers, such as Walkman with the power supply, if the electricity fluctuations, The output of the power supply will not fluctuate.

Generally speaking, the real no-load voltage of ordinary mobile phone power adapter is not necessarily the same as the nominal voltage, because the characteristics of electronic components can not be completely consistent, so there is a certain error, the smaller the error, the consistency of the requirements of electronic components High, the cost of production is high, so the price is more expensive.

Mobile phone power adapter Mobile phone power adapter In addition, the nominal current value, regardless of any power supply has a certain internal resistance, so when the power output current, the internal pressure drop will occur, resulting in two things, one is to generate heat, so the power will be hot, and the other One is to cause the output voltage to decrease, which is equivalent to the internal consumption.

Mobile phone power adapter Second, are the same nominal voltage power supply, the output current is different, can not be used in the same phone?

Mobile phone power adapter Power supply voltage, the output current is different, can not be used in the same phone. The basic principle is that the large nominal current supply can replace the small nominal current supply. It is estimated that some people would like to think that a large nominal current power will burn the phone, because the current big thing. In fact, how much current in the same voltage depends on the load, Oh, think of junior high school physics to know.

When the mobile phone when the high load operation, the current larger, the phone into the standby time, the current is smaller, the nominal current power supply has enough current margin. On the contrary, some people use 56w power supply instead of 72w with no problem, because the phone power adapter is usually designed to leave a certain margin, the load power should be less than the power supply, so this replacement is generally feasible in the general use , But the remaining power supply power margin is very small, once your phone received a lot of peripherals, such as two usb hard drive, and then cpu full speed operation, and then a base, the above to drive a full speed to read the disk, plus While charging the battery, it is estimated that the danger, and at any time to touch your power is not already already boiled eggs. So it is best not to use a small current instead of high current power supply.