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Please Carefully Replace The Power Adapter

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2017

  Please carefully replace the power adapter

  Power adapter in the role of the notebook computer is no doubt, however, there are sunny rounds, the power adapter is not used in the time, then we began to consider the replacement, but as a professional power adapter manufacturers we Have the obligation to remind the need to replace the power adapter here friends must pay attention to the following:

  First, to view the parameters of the adapter and the computer, the power adapter output voltage is the same as or similar to the laptop. For example, this notebook computer marked on the input voltage of 16V, then the choice of the power adapter rated output voltage can not exceed 16V, equal to or slightly less than 16V is possible, can be less than 5-10% range, if you choose A 20V power adapter is not enough, the two voltage difference between the larger, may damage the computer.

  Second, the choice of the power adapter and the computer's plug socket polarity needs the same, can not engage in anti. For example, your computer is marked with the polarity of the positive and negative, then you buy the power adapter will carefully observe the signs, can not be ignored, as long as the polarity of the two, you can use.

  Finally, this point and the first point belongs to a nature, the first point is about the voltage problem, which stresses the current problem. Remember, the rated output current of the power adapter you choose must not be lower than the rated input current of the notebook. If the maximum input current of the computer is 3.36A, then you do not buy a power adapter when you buy less than the current, you should buy greater than or equal to 3.36A power adapter.

  Having said that, of course, is the best of the original, as long as we choose the regular manufacturers, the use of the correct method of operation, it is not so easy to break.