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Power Adapter By Connection Can Be Divided Into Wall And Desktop Type

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

There are generally several items that need to be noted on the label of the Power adapter (hereinafter referred to as adapter). First, is the adapter model, such as the adapter model is XVE-120100, it tells us a few information, is its manufacturer, the main parameters, 120100 is to show that this adapter is 12W, 050200 is 10W, the second is adapter input (input), commonly used in China is 100-240v~50-60hz, which indicates that the adapter can work under 100v-240v voltage The third is the output of the adapter, two numbers can be very fast to calculate the number of adapter watts, such as this adapter, voltage 12v* current 1a=12w (power), indicating that the power supply is 12W adapter.

Most laptop power adapters can be used for $number alternating current (Hz). Basically most of the laptops have external power, with a power cord and host connection, so as to reduce the size and weight of the host, only a very small number of models put the power inside the mainframe.

There is a nameplate on the power adapter, indicating the power, input and output voltage and current indicators, especially to pay attention to the range of input voltage, this is called "Travel power adapter", if the mains voltage of only 110V countries, this feature is very useful, Some parallel computers are only sold in the origin, without this compatible voltage design, even only 110V single input voltage, in our 220V mains voltage will be burned down.

Power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electronic electrical power supply conversion equipment, widely supporting the phone machine, game consoles, language repetition machine, Walkman, notebook computers, cellular phones and other equipment. Power adapter generally consists of shell, power transformer and rectifier circuit, according to its output type can be divided into AC output type and DC output type;


Switching power supply products are widely used in industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial equipment, communications equipment, power equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration heating, air purifiers, electronic refrigerators, LCD monitors, LED lamps, communications equipment, audio-visual products, security, computer chassis, Digital products and instruments and other fields.