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Power Adapter Common Quality Problems

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

Power adapter common quality problems

1. The product is not complete or not standardized

The mark should contain one of the basic measures to ensure that the user is properly installed and used, and that the markings of the product are properly marked to ensure the safety of the user's personal property. Mark the requirements of durable and eye-catching, after the normal use of the mark should not fall off, the contents should be cleaned and discernible Domestic sales of products require Chinese simplified logo, at least should contain the following information: the name of the manufacturer or dealer, trademark or identification mark; model code or model specifications; power nature; rated power supply voltage range. If the information is not complete, can not correctly guide the use of consumers, and some may even misuse and damage with the electronic equipment, the common problem is no Chinese logo, no name or trademark, model code or model specifications.

2. The power plug is not standard

China's domestic single-phase power supply plug with two poles without grounding and bipolar belt in two forms, the power plug in use should be able to prevent the single-pole insert, that is, when the plug of any one of the plug and socket plug plug, the other Can not be in an accessible state. In the spot checks, found that there is a long phenomenon of the latch, the latch is too long to increase the user in the process of plugging the risk of electric shock. In addition, the shape of the power plug does not meet the requirements are more common, because these plugs and the use of the socket does not match, but also easily lead to electric shock.

3. Under normal operating conditions, heat does not meet the requirements

The role of the power adapter is to transform the voltage, in the process of voltage conversion due to the need to consume part of the power consumption, energy into heat, the part of the heat through the radiation, convection, conduction of three kinds of cooling to the surrounding environment, the other part of the heat by their own Absorb, so that the temperature of the power adapter. Insulation material heat resistance law shows that the internal temperature of the device to a certain temperature will lead to the rapid aging of insulating materials, shorten the test life of the product, resulting in reduced safety performance. Therefore, the normal operation of the power adapter temperature is only controlled in the appropriate range, in order to ensure its safe and normal work.

Power adapter in the normal working conditions of the high temperature rise is a common problem, some laptop AC adapter may be due to the operation of the temperature is too high, easily lead to fire hazards in the global initiative to recover and replace the power adapter.

In the supervision and spot checks, found that some products in normal working conditions, the product printed circuit boards and transformer winding temperature rise is too high, there is a big security risk. As a consumer, in the use of the product should pay close attention to the temperature rise, the easiest way is to use the test product shell temperature rise, the power adapter housing temperature and ambient temperature difference can not exceed 60 ℃, even in the heat Of the summer, the ambient temperature reached 35 ℃, the shell temperature can not exceed 95 ℃, if the product is too high temperature rise we should stop using.

4. Short circuit and overload products when there are security problems

In the output short circuit, capacitors or diodes and other parts of the fault conditions, the power adapter of the internal loss of a sharp increase, resulting in the temperature rise of various parts. Electronic circuit design and application, should ensure that the abnormal work and fault conditions, the temperature rise of the various parts of the product can not exceed the requirements, more can not make the surrounding items are at risk of fire, in the fault conditions, the power adapter can be damaged, but not Reduce the safety of equipment.