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Power Adapter Profiles And National Certification

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

Power adapter profiles and national certification

Power adapter, also known as adapter, power supply, switching power supply, etc., mainly used in high-tech digital, small appliances there are a variety of use of electronic equipment according to pin specifications and certification can be divided into: US regulations (UL) (CCC), European regulations (CE), Australian regulations (SAA), German regulations (GS), British regulations (BS), Japanese regulations (PSE), etc., the above specifications specifically described;

US regulation (UL):

UL is a short note from Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL safety test is the United States the most authoritative, but also the world engaged in safety testing and identification of the larger civil institutions. It is an independent, Power adapter nonprofit, professional organization for public safety testing. It uses scientific test methods to determine the extent to which hazards such as materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings, etc. are harmful and harmful to life and property; to determine, prepare and issue appropriate standards and to help reduce and prevent life Property loss of information, at the same time to carry out real research business. In the power adapter this, UL products require wire, radiation, environmental protection, in the safety performance requirements are higher, the general high-pressure test for the 2500VDC

CE (European regulations):

In the past, the European countries have different requirements for the import and sale of products, and the products manufactured under the national standard are likely to not be on the CE-certified logo, as part of the effort to eliminate trade barriers. Health Therefore, CE certification on behalf of the European unity (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE). In fact, CE certification is also the abbreviation of the term "EC" in many European languages. Power adapter The original English phrase EUROPEAN COMMUNITY is abbreviated as EC, and because the EC is in COMMUNITY EUROPEIA in French, COMUNITA in Italian EUROPEA, Portuguese for COMUNIDADE EUROPEIA, Spanish for COMUNIDADE EUROPE, etc., so change EC to CE. Of course, CE certification may also be regarded as CONFORMITY WITH EUROPEAN

GS (German):

GS is the meaning of the German "Geprufte Sicherheit" (safety has been certified), but also "Germany Safety" (German security) means. GS certification A voluntary certification based on the German Product Safety Act (GPGS), which is tested according to the harmonized standard EN or German industry standard DIN, is a recognized German safety certification mark in the European market.

SAA (Australia):

Australia's standards bodies are Standards Standards of Australian, so many of our friends call the Australian certification SAA certification. In fact, SAA is only a standard setting agency, and not a product certification certificate. SAA was later renamed: Standards Australia Limited. SAA is an independent company, not directly related to the government, but the federal government and state government is one of its members. SAA and the Australian Federal Government signed a memorandum acknowledging that SAA is the highest organization of non-governmental standards organizations in Australia. The memorandum also states that the development of standards is consistent with the requirements of the WTO. Thus, Power adapter it is stated that there is no need to develop new Australian standards when appropriate international standards exist. The Australian standard begins with "AS", and Australia and New Zealand begin with "AS / NZS". Australia's standards and New Zealand standards are basically the same as IEC, and there are some national differences. Australia and New Zealand to implement the harmonization of standards and certification of mutual recognition, the product as long as a country after the certification can be sold in another country.

3C (GB)

3C certification is called "mandatory product certification system", it is to protect the personal safety of consumers and national security, strengthen product quality management, in accordance with laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system. The so-called 3C certification, is China's mandatory product certification system.

PSE (Japanese):

PSE certification is Japan's mandatory safety certification to prove that the electrical and electronic products have passed the Japanese electrical and raw materials safety law (DENAN Law) or international IEC standards of safety standards. Japan's DENTORL law (electrical equipment and materials control law) provides that 498 kinds of products into the Japanese market must pass safety certification. Power adapter Among them, 165 kinds of A-type products should be made of diamond-shaped PSE logo, 333 kinds of B-type products should be round PSE logo.