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Quality Power Adapter Evaluation Criteria

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

  Quality power adapter evaluation criteria

  Today's market is full of a variety of power adapter, whether it is fake and shoddy, the quality is reliable, it is difficult to judge, which undoubtedly make consumers more difficult to choose today, finishing this article on the power adapter quality standards The problem to give you analysis:

  To determine the quality of a power adapter, you can first check whether it has passed the necessary safety certification. In general, the more reliable the quality of the power adapter is. Currently in the market sales of power, must go through the national mandatory 3C certification system to sell. The existing 3C certificate has four versions: CCC (S) safety certification, CCC (SE) safety and electromagnetic compatibility certification, CCC (EMC) electromagnetic compatibility certification, CCC (F) fire certification. Where CCC (S) represents only passing safety standards. Is the use of the CCC (S & E) certification standards, it provides a safe and electromagnetic compatibility of the two requirements in the power to see the CCC (S & E) logo, you can understand it through the 3C certification, which is any one Power products must meet the standards, does not mean that its excellent quality, some small brands in the absence of 3C certification through the case, will use fake signs to achieve deceive consumers.

  In addition to 3C certification, some high-quality power adapter will pass FCC certification, it is a certification on the electromagnetic interference. A FCC certified power supply, will work to produce electromagnetic interference to be shielded to eliminate the harm to the human body. In addition, in some advanced power adapter will also see the UL certification mark, which is one of the world's most stringent certification, the power supply in the structure, materials, test equipment and methods have restrictions on the provisions. In order to improve the safety and stability of the circuit to be added lightning protection circuit: when the electricity due to lightning or other factors to produce high pulse voltage, it will damage the equipment on the circuit. Power lightning protection device, in the shortest possible time to release the circuit due to induction lightning generated by a large number of pulse energy to the safety of the line, thus protecting the user equipment on the circuit. This is the core function of mine. EMI filter circuit: EMI filter circuit is the main role is to filter out the external grid of high-frequency pulse on the power of interference, but also play a role in reducing the switching power supply itself to the outside world, EMI is an important component of the CCC certification PFC circuit: Factor correction "is mainly used to characterize the use of electronic products on the efficiency of power The higher the power factor, indicating the higher the efficiency of the use of electricity. Through the CCC certified computer power supply, must be added PFC circuit to reduce the line power factor to reduce the harm.