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Select The Power Adapter To Determine These Three Adaptation Conditions

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

  Select the power adapter to determine these three adaptation conditions

  With the increasing number of intelligent device functions, its power consumption began to fade faster. People are getting used to portable portable chargers or power adapters. For many people, the concept of a power adapter is only in the stage of the charger, power adapter but in fact the power adapter is a transformer that is heavily used on the charger. Those who are not familiar with the power adapter often need to face what kind of power adapter is used to charge.

  The power adapter has a variety of parameters, so you can not use the adapter to charge. Before selecting the power adapter, first determine the three adaptation conditions.

  First, the interface of the adapter matches the device;

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  Second, the output voltage must be the same as the rated input voltage of the load (mobile device), or the voltage range that can be tolerated by the load (mobile device), otherwise it may burn the load (mobile device);

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  Third, the output current of the power adapter should be equal to, greater than the load (mobile device) current to provide sufficient power;

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  The following three to the above conditions for the analysis of the three adaptation.

  First, do not match the interface in the absence of professional knowledge of the case do not mess, otherwise there will be dangerous.

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  Second, why the need for voltage uniform, in principle, this is the case - the lack of voltage, not enough to drive the load, the battery can not be charged, power adapter said the popular point is in short supply.

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  Third, why do you need such a current configuration, which involves the principle of the circuit, we all know that the power is internal resistance, the greater the greater the loss of internal resistance. power adapter So manufacturers in the production of this adapter will be based on the size of the internal resistance to determine the no-load output voltage within a certain range, and the voltage threshold corresponding to the current threshold is the current value we see the current value of the current value of the more It is better to describe the better carrying capacity of the adapter. So choose the current slightly larger adapter not only will not hurt the battery, but will make the charge faster.