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Socket Choice Must Also Be Cautious

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Switch socket panel prices vary widely, the price from a few yuan more than 10 yuan, to dozens of yuan hundreds of yuan, there are, and the product does not look much different, but the intrinsic quality difference is very large. According to statistics, more than 1500 domestic production switches, sockets electrical accessories manufacturers, the relevant national departments issued a production license only more than 1/3. Many manufacturers in the propaganda exaggerated data, deceive consumers, actual according to 2005 National Technical Supervision Bureau data sampling shows: Switch socket products qualified rate of the industry sampling is very low, 2005 only about 60%. These poor socket switches are one of the major causes of family fire. Therefore the choice of switch socket must also be cautious.

Outlet Selection Guide:

1, first look at the protection door, with a screwdriver or a small key to poke two holes on one side and three holes in the bottom of a hole casually. With a bit of strength, stabbed into the door is a unilateral protection, equal to No. This outlet is obviously not safe enough.

2, the second look at the copper pieces of materials. If you see the bright yellow through the jack, just give it up. Brass easily rusty, soft texture, time of a long contact, conductive performance will decline. If the copper piece color is purple red is better, the copper is more toughness, does not easily rust. Direct look not yet, generally also want to open look. A lot of sockets are Jack here with copper, inside all with brass, also easy to rust. Even with copper, there is a difference. Most brands of copper pieces are several pieces of mosaic, with the Rivet interface, so that the interface will also heat, affect the conductivity. Technology comparison now into the brand will use the whole piece of copper to do the inside of the bronze, so that the conductivity of a lot of improvement.

3, third, look at the distance between the two or three plug. Some products did not consider so much, the two-hole and three-hole distance is relatively near, inserted three holes, the two holes are changed, because the plug is large, the place accounted for. These questions must be considered clearly when buying a socket.

4. In addition, the power of home appliances is increasing, the load on the switch is also higher, especially in the electrical power of the moment (many of the bad switch is when the power is instantaneous large current burned off). A good switch should be able to pass over 16A of current, while the ordinary can only pass 10A current.