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Socket Electrical Equipment Providing Power Interface For Home Appliances

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

The socket has one or more circuit wiring can be inserted in the seat, through which can be plugged into a variety of wiring, easy to connect with other circuits. Through the connection and disconnect between the line and the copper piece, to reach and disconnect the part of the circuit eventually.

The power outlet is the electrical equipment which provides the Power interface for the home appliance, also is the electrical accessory which uses more in the residential electrical design, it has 10 close relations with people's life. Residents into new homes, generally reflect the number of power outlets are too small, the use of extremely inconvenient, resulting in the household private pull power cord and add socket wiring board, often cause personal shock and electrical fire accident, to personal property safety brings great hidden trouble. Therefore, the design of power sockets is also an important basis for the evaluation of residential electrical design. Sockets can be divided into industrial sockets, power outlets and mobile sockets.

Select attention

1. Power sockets should be used by the state-related product quality Supervision departments inspected qualified products.

2. Residential power sockets should be used safe sockets, toilets and other humid places should be used to splash-resistant sockets;

3. The rated current of the power outlet shall be greater than 1.25 times times the rated current of the known equipment. The General single-phase power outlet rated current is 10A, the special power outlet is 16A, the special high-power household electrical appliances its distribution circuit and the connection power mode should according to the actual capacity choice;

4. In order to plug in convenient, the number of the combination of sockets is best for two, up to (including switches) not more than three;

5. The electrical appliances with electric shock hazard in the plugged power supply should use the socket with switch to disconnect the power supply.

6, in the more humid places, installation sockets should be installed at the same time waterproof box.

Installation Note

1. The installation height of the socket should be installed according to the design requirement when the design is provided. When the design is not clear, the general should conform to: the socket with a safety door is not less than 0.3M; the socket with no safety door is not lower than 1.8M; It is recommended that you buy as many sockets as possible with a safe door, as the prices are not very different.

2. In the bathroom or other damp place should use the seal good waterproof, the splash-proof socket. (Note: A socket with a safety door is a plastic bezel (safety door) that is added to the front of the jack Metal Reed on the basis of a general outlet. Three-hole socket, when the plug into the grounding pile head (slightly longer) first into the hole, the socket inside the mechanism action side open the other two holes, the two-hole sockets must be inserted at the same time socket pile head, safety door can be opened to prevent children mistakenly inserted metal into the safety accident. )

3. When the socket is installed, the panel should be upright and close to the wall surface. and the wiring (phase) should conform to: single-phase two-hole sockets, the right or upper hole of the socket is connected with the line (FireWire), the Zokong or the lower hole is connected to the 0 line, the three hole socket, the right hole of the socket is connected with the line (L, FireWire), the Zokong is 0 lines (N), the upper hole grounding Line (PE).