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Switching Power Adapter Covers The Field And Use

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Switching power adapter is now used in what areas? With the rapid development of the global economy, the level of science and technology continues to improve, people's living standards are now and now, more and more electronic products, power has become an essential equipment in life, and now power products have been extensive Used in industrial automation and control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial equipment, communications equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation, power adapter medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration heating, air purifier, electronic refrigerator, liquid crystal display, LED lighting, communications equipment , Audio-visual products, security, computer chassis, digital products and equipment, and other fields.

Into the 80's computer power to fully realize the switching power supply, the first to complete the computer power generation, with the rapid development of power electronics technology, power electronic equipment and people's work, power adapter life is increasingly close, and electronic equipment are inseparable from the reliable The power supply, into the 90's switching power supply have entered a variety of electronic, electrical equipment, program-controlled switches, communications, electronic testing equipment, power supply, control equipment, power supplies have been widely used switching power supply, but also promote the rapid development of switching power supply technology The Switching power supply is the use of modern power electronics technology to control the switching transistor on and off the time ratio, power adapter to maintain a stable output voltage of a power supply, switching power supply is generally composed of pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET. With the development and innovation of power electronics technology, the switching power supply technology is constantly innovating, and this cost reversal point is moving toward the low output power end, which provides a wide range of development space for switching power supply.

High-frequency switching power supply is the direction of its development, high-frequency switching power supply to miniaturization, power adapter and switching power into a wider range of applications, especially in the field of high-tech applications to promote the high-tech products, The In addition, the development and application of switching power supply in the conservation of energy, conservation of resources and the protection of the environment are of great significance.

Switching power supply can be divided into AC / DC and DC / DC two categories, there are AC / AC DC / AC such as inverter DC / DC converter has been modular, and design techniques and production processes are mature at home and abroad And standardization, power adapter and has been recognized by the user, but the AC / DC modular, because of its own characteristics in the modular process, encountered more complex technology and process manufacturing problems.