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The Charger Is A Power Supply

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2017

  1, the charger is a power supply, and now most of the market charger to do the use of switching power supply. This is because the switching power supply conversion efficiency is high, small size, low cost.

  2, switching power supply is a kind of power supply, is to achieve a direct change AC DC means and methods.

  Switching power supply and charger are power, the charger can be used to do the switching power supply can not do switching power supply. But most of the charger or the use of switching power supply to achieve the way, after all, switching power supply in this area has its advantages.

  We said that the switching power supply is mainly responsible for the DC into high-frequency pulsating direct current, and then through the high-frequency switch through the transformer buck, through this step can remove the high-frequency AC part, so that you can get low-voltage direct current, and the computer The core part of the switch circuit, so the computer power supply is also commonly called switching power supply, in fact, popular call switch power is the computer we said above "transformer".

  We use the charger is not the same, the charger is generally 220V AC power into a more appropriate DC voltage, according to the type of rechargeable battery, will add a charge management circuit, and then you can charge the battery to work , Although the charger can be used as a switching power supply, but not so the charger is a switching power supply.

  In fact, the switching power supply is used to make the charger, switching power supply in many ways can be used, but the charger is only charge the battery charge work. Charger according to the nature of the rechargeable battery in the charging requirements are also different above. Now the charger has many types, such as constant current constant voltage charger, travel charger and so on.