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The Difference Between The Power Adapter And The Battery

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

As we all know, the power adapter and battery is the most important function of power supply, then the difference between the two? The answer is yes, today we have to look at the power adapter and battery-powered differences in the end where:

First of all, said the battery-powered, the battery output is pure DC, very clean, direct access to the DC transformer module can be, the battery voltage is neither possible nor need to design a high, microelectronics circuit analog and digital signals Voltage requirements are basically 5V to the sector, get rid of the efficiency of the transformer module and pressure requirements, 10.8V enough. And lithium battery chemical electromotive force determines the output voltage of a cell can only be about 3.6V, so many batteries are used in three tandem way, 10.8V also became very popular battery voltage. Some batteries are slightly larger than the integer value of 3.6V, such as 3.7V or 11.2V, etc., in fact, power adapter in order to protect the battery or calculate the capacity of the battery design behavior.

If you use the power adapter power supply, the situation is more complex, first of all need to add voltage to further regulation filter to ensure that the power performance is not very good in the case of stable operation, the voltage regulator after the two-way, all the way to the books Work power, the other way to the battery charge. power adapter The part of the power supply to the product with the battery when the same power supply, and the part of the battery charge through the battery charge control circuit can be added to the battery, the control circuit can be very complex, simply should include the primary regulator , Precision tunable regulator, SCR adjustable pulsation output, regulated output, current feedback, chip charging process recording and operation, charging program self-feedback adjustment parameters, etc., power adapter so the power supply voltage must be greater than the cell voltage, have sufficient The differential pressure is supplied to the units of the charge control circuit.