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The General Power Adapter Is Composed Of Three Parts

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

With the rapid development of science and technology society into the information age, and the electronic information age is achieved through more science and technology, life, we began to be more and more inseparable from the use of electronic products, whether it is daily life Or the usual work we started to rely more and more on the high efficiency of electronic products, the use of more electronic products to a large extent for us to save more time and improve the efficiency of our work, and a lot of The use of electronic products can not be separated from the power adapter, and we use electronic products in large part can not be separated from the power adapter for power conversion, such as we usually use the small and convenient electronic products used in some For the different types of computer power supply naturally need a certain power conversion equipment to be converted, so as to ensure the normal operation of electronic products.

The general power adapter is composed of three parts, which includes the adapter shell, power supply and the rectifier circuit and the three parts, which the current output current type is divided into two kinds of AC and DC, according to its Connection can be divided into different types of wall and desktop, so the user should be selected when the first need to pay what type of adapter. Under normal circumstances we will use is the computer adapter, and most of the computer adapter current required in the 100V to 240V between the AC, so when you can use the first attention to the current used in the current range Within, if not the need to use the adapter. Basically, we know that most of the notebook computers are using external power supply, and then connect the power cord and the host, very few computers are built-in power supply, power supply built-in not only allows the computer to look simple, And can be a good way to reduce the weight of the host.

We should use the power adapter when the voltage should be in the output when the upper limit is how much, that is, the general power of the nominal voltage refers to the open circuit output voltage, that is, in the use of the case, do not touch any of the outside world Load, no current output voltage, which is the power of the nominal voltage and current difference, which is when we use the power adapter need to pay attention to the rules. There is also a situation is different types of notebook computers can use the same power adapter, under normal circumstances the power supply voltage is the same and the output current is different, it can be used in the same notebook above. Because with the popularity of electronic products, people began to popularize a number of suitable electronic accessories, so that is usually available in the case. But do not advocate this, or the original original good, in order to ensure that electronic products and personal safety issues, do not cause unnecessary security risks, or to promote the use of electronic products at the same time select the appropriate power adapter.