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USB Power Adapter Advantages And Disadvantages

Shenzhen GEO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

  USB power adapter advantages and disadvantages

  Different types of USB power adapter charging effect is not the same For example, now commonly used in the phone on the power adapter, in fact, this power adapter there are many different models. So why do not you use a variety of incompatible power adapters in real life? In fact, it is very simple, this is because although the power supply of various power supply adapter is different, but basically the gap is not big, there will not be a 1A 10A such a situation. So that in a certain extent, can be achieved almost the same effect. But at the same time should be aware of the use of incompatible different types of power adapter or should carefully observe the different energy parameters.

  First on the voltage, this type of 9V power adapter output voltage from 4V to 6V are present, and also can be used in the specific equipment of the charge, followed by the current, now available in the market can be seen by the mobile phone charging Current is generally three, the first is 500mA, the second is 700mA is the last one is 1A. Just in the power output of these chargers is the existence of different differences, but in fact the design of the charger is the existence of a variety of different details of the difference, so that the general circumstances of the various USB charger is not compatible.

  When using the USB power adapter voltage parameters and the standard parameters is best not to exceed 0.5V, for example, a battery is 4V input charge, up to 4.5V or 3.5V can be used, once the use of such a standard Range of the voltage, the first is likely to lead to no charge, followed by even if the charge can be normal will also have a negative impact on it.